Write When Language Fails: Janice Lee (Entropy)

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About Entropy 

ENTROPY is a website featuring literary and related non-literary content. They seek to create a space where writers can engage with other writers, can participate in a literary community, and where thinkers can collaborate and share both literary and non-literary ideas. Their site covers topics from video games, graphic novels, interactive literature, science fiction, fantasy, music, film, art, and other topics in addition to literary reviews, interviews, conversations, and articles on experimental literature, translation, small press practices, and performance. 

About Janice Lee, Co-Founder of Entropy

Janice is the author of KEROTAKIS, Daughter, Damnation, Reconsolidation, and The Sky Isn't Blue. She is Editor of the #RECURRENT Series at Civil Coping Mechanisms, Assistant Editor at Fanzine, and serves as Executive Editor at Entropy.

Writing Mentioned

The Night Cafe by Brandon Shimoda
Ghosts of Pearl Harbour by Brandon Shimoda

Episode Credits

Host: Rachel Thompson
Audio Editor: Mica Lemiski
Music: https://musicformakers.com/songs/the-return/
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