Writing For Lit Magazines—A “Chapters and Chocolate” Interview

Did you know that getting your work published in literary magazines will make you more appealing to agents and publishers?

Or that some literary agents look through the pages of lit magazines in search of new talent?

Or that sometimes writers don't even realize that their style of writing is what lit magazines are looking for.

If you didn't, that's OK. You can watch the replay of my live interview with Connie Briscoe on Chapters and Chocolate.

We talked about:

• How to determine if your writing is literary
• The benefits of submitting to lit mags
• How publishing in lit mags can improve your writing
• How to make valuable connections for your writing career through journal publishing
• What the heck lit mag editors want in submissions
• Why one editor may accept a piece and another reject the very same piece
• How to know if a journal is the right place to send your work