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Polish Your Prose & Poems

If you're getting bleary-eyed looking at writing you've revised many, many times, come get help polishing your piece until it shines. This course will bring your revision skills to the next level, giving you new tools for your writing practice that will help your poems or stories sparkle.

This course is offered a couple times per year. In it, you'll get lots of advice from me and motivating weekly assignments. You'll also join an incredibly supportive community of writers. 

Registration Opens Again in Fall 2018
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Lit Mag Love

Imagine yourself confident and clear about exactly where to send your writing. You send your work out as a reflex, and don't feel like hiding in your turtle shell each time you release your words into the world.

You know exactly what you're working toward with your writing in the short and long-term, and you can zero-in on the steps that will help you achieve your writing goals.

You've found your ideal readers. You're no longer afraid to write your story, knowing it needs to be written, just as it needs to be read by people who appreciate your work.

Lit Mag Love is a five-week, self-paced course with LIVE feedback on assignments, and LIVE video office hours. There are four modules in the course:

  • Module 1: Create a tailored list of publications to submit your work
  • Module 2: Prepare Your Submission
  • Module 3: Build Your Submissions System
  • Module 4: Hit Submit & Prepare for Feedback

Next course session May 16-June 20. 
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